This flooring finish can protect and make your garage floor stylish all at the same time. Since many people use their garage for fun gatherings and other purposes than just parking the car, having an epoxy finish to make the floor look even prettier can help out.

But what is it?

Epoxy is not a paint, but rather a resin that coats a painted floor and it hardens over the floor, almost acting like a second skin. This means that your floor is only further resistant against spills, chipping, and impacts. So, the floor won’t be damaged or need to be buffed if something heavy drops or an accident happens.

It’s also resistant to dust, meaning that you’ll be dusting a lot less and working a lot more because the dust that comes from a bare concrete floor won’t cause any problems. Epoxy is also resistant to water damage, so any snow or brine that gets into your garage from tires will be easy to pick up and get rid of.

Garage floor epoxy can also easily handle stains and chemical spills, as well as heavy objects like rolling toolboxes and vehicles. It is also very reflective, ensuring that your floor looks shiny and nice every time you flick the lights on.

Garage floor epoxy

How to add it yourself

Applying epoxy yourself is a tough thing to do and needs some good preparation to make it work. The floor needs to be primed and then layers upon layers of the epoxy are put on. The epoxy primer bonds to the concrete and then provides all the benefits. Then the color is added on before the clear top coat is added to finish it off.

Depending on the amount of preparation, doing the epoxy application yourself can take some time and money, but it saves your garage floor from being at risk for all the years to come.

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