The deck is a wonderful addition to any home, providing an outdoor space that’s perfect for relaxing after a hard day at work or socializing with friends. But, decks are exposed to elements constantly as they lack the same protection that the home gets from the envelope. The best way to keep the deck looking its best and providing the best usage is with regular preventative maintenance service. When regular deck maintenance is scheduled, it can extend the lifetime of the deck by 10 – 15 years.

Deck maintenance not only extended the lifetime of the deck but also improves the safety, too. So many of the accidents that occur on decks are preventable, if the deck had been properly maintained. Ensure that your deck is safe by regulating inspecting the condition in the spring before it is used for the very first time. Check it again at the end of summer after it’s been used. If anything looks unsafe, make a call to the professionals to schedule repair.

When inspecting the deck, look for signs of damage and of wear and tear, which includes decaying wood, cracks, chipped wood, rust, and hardware corrosion. If there are lost screws or nails, you want to ensure that they’re installed. It might be a good idea to call a professional out to the home to look at the deck if you notice that there are issues with the deck boarding, railings, or the joists. Professionals know everything there is to know about decks st louis and how to keep them in the best condition.

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Your deck is a part of the structure of the home. It’s also a major investment that wasn’t cheap to add to the home. Use preventative maintenance services to ensure that it is safe, secure, and ready to enjoy when the time rolls around. The information above can aid in that process.